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Why it’s on the list One Tree Hill is one TV drama that just will not go away.

For some reason, people keep tuning in to the same old tired storylines.

To complement our list of the top 25 worst sitcoms, TV Crunch has gathered up this bunch of the 25 worst television dramas. If you think there have been worse dramas that have graced TV, sound off in the comments. Michaela ‘Mike’ Quinn Joe Lando – Byron Sully Shawn Toovey – Brian Cooper Chad Allen – Matthew Cooper Orson Bean – Loren Bray Plot Dr.

Quinn, Medicine Woman followed Jane Seymour in the title role, as a doctor in the old west. Quinn gets support in the wild west from friend (and love interest) Byron Sully (Joe Lando) and midwife Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd). Quinn, Medicine Woman’s cancellation, two TV movies were made. Quinn, Medicine Woman was a popular show, but it lost viewers over the years and was reportedly canceled when it failed to appeal to a younger demographic.

Why it’s on the list The answer to Fox’s next Beverly Hills, 90210, The OC was at times overly dramatic – even by teen angst standards. Cast Jay Hernandez – Carlos Green Bridget Moynahan – Whitney Erika Christensen – Mae Dorian Missick – Damian Campbell Scott – Steven Caseman Hope Davis – Laura Plot Six Degrees centered on the connection of six New York City residents’ lives – how their lives were intertwined, based on the theory that we are all living six degrees of separation.

Girl drama unfolds with characters like Summer Roberts and Marissa Cooper, played by Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton – neither of whom could act their way out of a wet paper bag. Why it’s on the list Didn’t you want to love this show? Viewers trailed off, time slots were shuffled and the lackluster ratings led to Six Degrees’ cancellation – instead of airing the remaining episodes, ABC ran repeats of the George Lopez Show. Cast Bethany Joy Galeotti – Haley James Scott Sophia Bush – Brooke Davis Paul Johansson – Dan Scott Hilarie Burton – Peyton Sawyer Chad Michael Murray – Lucas Scott James Lafferty – Nathan Scott Plot One Tree Hill is a teen drama that has lasted the test of time.

The formula of new kids in each episode (Hey, look! Cast Peter Gallagher – Sandy Cohen Kelly Rowan – Kirsten Cohen Benjamin Mc Kenzie – Ryan Atwood Adam Brody – Seth Cohen Rachel Bilson – Summer Roberts Melinda Clarke – Julie Cooper Mischa Barton – Marissa Cooper Plot The old “boy from the wrong side of the tracks” story in teenage soap opera form – Ryan Atwood (Benjamin Mc Kenzie) is taken in by richie-rich Sandy and Kirsten Cohen (Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan).

Shannen Doherty, Kelly Martin, Christina Applegate! The drama unfolds as this outsider and his surrogate brother Seth (Adam Brody) take on the personalities of high-class Orange County, California.

Brooke is wildly successful, while Peyton quits her crappy job and returns to Tree Hill.

Moving the stories ahead four years into the future may just be the most desperate attempt to freshen the show up. Cast Roma Downey – Monica Della Reese – Tess John Dye – Andrew Valerie Bertinelli – Gloria Plot Touched by an Angel chronicled a group of angels on various missions – sent by God to assist the human race in making big life decisions.

After winning a lawsuit, he was able to continue to work on the police force. Why it’s on the list This slice of family fare didn’t stretch beyond the second season once Father Murphy’s true identity was revealed and he married the school teacher.

Michael Landon stopped writing and directing and the series failed without his attachment to the project.

After the midwife is bitten by a rattle snake, she asks Dr. The show ran for six seasons and grabbed tons of fans, but we can’t help think it ran out of steam pretty early on. Despite Ron Eldard’s solid performance on Blind Justice, viewers weren’t too keen on a sightless man packing heat. Cast Merlin Olsen – John Michael Murphy Katherine Cannon – Mae Woodward Timothy Gibbs – Will Adams Moses Gunn – Moses Gage Plot Father Murphy was created by Little House on the Prairie’s Michael Landon and starred his Little House co-star (and former NFL player) Merlin Olsen.

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Cast Ron Eldard – Detective Jim Dunbar Marisol Nichols – Detective Karen Bettancourt Rena Sofer – Christie Dunbar Reno Wilson – Detective Tom Selway Frank Grillo – Detective Marty Russo Michael Gaston – Lt. Alan Galloway Plot Created by NYPD Blue’s Steven Bochco, Blind Justice starred Ron Eldard as a cop blinded in the line of duty. Olsen played 1870s frontiersman John Michael Murphy, a drifter who pairs up with prospector Moses Gage (played by Moses Gunn), pretending to be a priest to protect a group of orphans from being sent to the work house.

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